RC Fun-Shop Kids Drop


Give your son or daughter the thrills and fulfillment of this exciting hobby!  Drop off kids while parents run errands or simply get some much deserved R&R.  Workshops are 5 hours and filled with several activities that promote caring, sharing, teamwork, pride, and self confidence.  Snacks Provided.

Kids enjoy short films, hands-on assembly of vehicles, crafts, track preparation, race themed video games, and live on-track RC Racing!

Sign up now and get into the action with our RC Racing Short Course Trucks!  Our race kits are true 1/10th scale that kids love to play with.  We put kids in full control of our real hobby RC vehicles for battle in pursuit of the coveted dirt, mud, and pavement crowns. Our RC work shop includes an experience where we teach the “Science” about the components while exploring working parts, designs, and more.  Our races trucks are sporting authentic detailing and superior performance far beyond what you can find in box store toys.  Imagine the thrill your child feels watching his or her custom RC racer Speeding to the finish line with your champion high tech racer!

IMAG2562 Backyard RC Track

This is our Backyard RC Race Track. We run electric short course trucks, monster trucks and stadium trucks.  Mostly 1/10 scale  but have also raced 1/16 scale.  We allow anything that will fit on the track so long as its electric.  We are enthusiasts who enjoy testing the limits of today’s hottest RC vehicles with dirt slinging speed and bashing fun.  We built this track originally to get the most use of tuning our of monster trucks and quickly learned the desire of community youth who love this hobby.  We welcome friends of RC to join in the fun.

Check out our track demo day below with Traxxas Slash Short Course Trucks.